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Chris Packham(Village Voice): Sincere and unexpectedly prosperity, the film happily reintroduces another rudiments of classic kids' movies: a neat 77-minute run time.
Christy Lemire( "Bears" could have used a lot more science; to a greater degree substantive information in the place of wacky human being-liners. Still, the images trump everything.
Peter Hartlaub(San Francisco Chronicle): Bonus points with regard to all but eliminating the easy scatological mood. Does a bear (poop) in the woods? You won't fall in with out watching "Bears."
Adam Graham(Detroit News): There are grittier active principle of the universe documentaries out there, but "Bears" is unblended and effective, and delivered with that well-disposed Disney touch. Its intent is to construct you say, "awww," and it does its work at ~s well.
Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): All this is heartwarming, in a gory., ursine-centric way.
Nicolas Rapold(New York Times): Despite the strengthening beauty of the wilderness, and the postponement provided by cubs at play, the movie is in a primary manner a sobering treatise on survival.
James Kendrick(Q Network Film Desk): constructs a compelling tale out of what must have been ~y enormous amount of footage, focusing up~ the body the age-old trope of the take a trip to give the bears' security for survival a sense of honest thematic heft
Jeff Vice(Cinephiled): "And luckily, the movie does gets out of its acknowledge way (eventually) and tells a a little engaging, 'true-life' aggregate of phenomena tale."
Mark R. Leeper(Mark Leeper’s Reviews): aimed to have existence child-friendly and soft pedals some of the harsher realities of carry life
Mike McGranaghan(Film Racket): A visual experience through and through, one that offers vigilance-popping delights at every turn.
Pete Vonder Haar(Houston Press): Much to the degree that I tried to avoid it, it was once difficult to keep Werner Herzog's noise from creeping in over John C. Reilly's account.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): Although bears chiefly certainly can be adorable creatures, 'Bears,' the latest Disney documentary to observe Earth Day, turns the cuteness even up a bit too high.
Lori Hoffman(Atlantic City Weekly): Nature movie fans volition enjoy seeing the incredible cinematography of these grand creatures in the wild.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate): Engrossing and taking – and the closing credits reveal abaft-the-scenes glimpses of filming in the frenzied.
John Wirt(Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)): Huge bears, cute bears, very loud vistas and an age-old novel of survival, the G-rated "Bears" is very good entertainment for families and animal lovers.
Drew Taylor(The Playlist): What's prodigious about the documentary, though, is that it's oftentimes good as engaging as the Disney bears that exhibit in jug bands or crave ooey-gooey honey.
Sandie Angulo Chen(Common Sense Media): Some stretched moments in Disney's mind documentary.
Jason Buchanan(TV Guide’s Movie Guide): A wondrous actual feeling for cubs and mama bears equally.
Gary Wolcott(Tri-City Herald): A just bearable bear nature flick. Great cinematography. Boring fable & script.
Annlee Ellingson(L.A. Biz): So abundant about Bears is awesome in the first-rate work sense of the word.
Teddy Durgin(Screen It!): You gotta bestow paying audiences — especially strapped family audiences — more than this.(Full Content Review in spite of Parents also Available)

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