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Alonso Duralde(TheWrap): If but Candler had trusted her characters enough to accomplish the story without the need as antidote to the requisite Act One gun and Act Three setting on fire of same, Hellion would stand out more amidst an ever-growing bevy of similar films.
Andrew O’Hehir(Salon.com): "Hellion" offers a astonishing and memorable portrait of adolescent life in downscale East Texas suburbia, longitudinally with a white-hot breakthrough achievement from teenage actor Josh Wiggins.
Jeannette Catsoulis(New York Times): The strong film seems to be running in station.
Tomas Hachard(NPR): Candler insistently tightens her point of concentration on the hardships of growing up in a severed family, an approach that eventually feels too-determined.
Scott Bowles(USA Today): Though some characters go underdeveloped, Hellion marks any of Hollywood's most realistic examinations of rural high school angst since Friday Night Lights, some other teen drama set in Texas.
Joe Neumaier(New York Daily News): A glint into rural American childhood that's one as well as the other tense and melancholy.
MaryAnn Johanson(Flick Filosopher): Kat Candler's scrutiny of toxic male adolescence is handsome and haunting, with a star-formation performance by young star Josh Wiggins, excepting we've seen this recital many times before.
Marshall Fine(Hollywood & Fine): A downbeat originator-son story that moves too slowly to merit the viewer's continued patience.
Sheila O’Malley(RogerEbert.com): "Hellion" is a well-observed and patiently told tale, with one good scene after a different, featuring amazing performances across the food, but particularly from newcomer Josh Wiggins.
Nick Schager(Film Journal International): An pathetic rural Southern drama about a criminal teen's descent into heavy heart and mayhem that distinguishes itself from the indie company through precise direction and superb persuade performances by Aaron Paul and newcomer Josh Wiggins.
Jesse Knight(Movie Mezzanine): Hellion is not The Godfather of unmannerly youth, but rather a story to the degree that generic as its title.
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky(AV Club): The movie falls into ~y all too familiar indie torpor.
Noel Murray(The Dissolve): Hellion lingers toward most of its running time in a . between-and-between place, never becoming any one the sublime character sketch or the overripe melodrama it alternately promises to be.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): An engrossing glance into a working class nightmare, a lifestyle of indulged biker-kids, cannon, violence and beer that is every bit the trap we consider our interior cities to be. to be.
David Lee Dallas(Slant Magazine): Both film and protagonist are troubled works in progress that cavil and meander and frequently falter, yet occasionally sing.
Eric D. Snider(About.com): Apart from a mouthful of improbable melodrama in the ultimate act, it's a hard and affecting film with a absolute message.

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