Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar

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Christy Lemire( "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" accomplishes a noted deal in its 40-minute running time, entertaining and educating us season delivering a message about preservation that's net without being heavy-handed.
Tom Russo(Boston Globe): No substance which variety the film is spotlighting, they be in possession of a power to fascinate.
Stephanie Merry(Washington Post): The technology impressively embraces the assemblage, putting us in the middle of the rain woods, face to face with curious, beady eyes.
Martin Tsai(Los Angeles Times): Even at a meager 40 minutes, the film feels padded.
Joe Morgenstern(Wall Street Journal): This 3-D IMAX documentary puts its with most propriety paw forward with a funny and abundant title sequence, followed by 40 minutes of phenomenal footage of lemurs in their inborn habitat of Madagascar.
Joe Neumaier(New York Daily News): If you put on't already love lemurs, you resolution after taking this brief but illuminating circuit of the exotic primate's island home off the African coast.
Niki Boyle(The List): The cinematography is spectacular, the soundtrack is moderate (if relentlessly upbeat) and your illiberal monkeys will most likely leave the cinema infused with a lust for nature.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate): Enchanting and educational, delivering its ecological notice about conservation in a most very agreeable way.
Lori Hoffman(Atlantic City Weekly): Island of Lemurs Madagascar is a terrific IMAX 3D look at these primates, categorized viewed like the world's most endangered mammals.
Adam Fendelman( It's challenging to have the advantage this rushed and incomplete film guilelessly for what it is rather than transgression it for what it could accept been. It feels like an uncompounded-school field trip rather than a film ready for nationwide IMAX distribution.
Drew Taylor(The Playlist): …Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, adhering a purely visual level, is undivided of the more amazing things you're convenient to see in a theater this year.
Adrian Centeno(We Got This Covered): While Island of Lemurs: Madagascar sometimes rises to the beauty of its subject, it's difficult to ignore the fact that it is one oversimplified look at a complex problem.
Nick McCarthy(Slant Magazine): What results is a lopsided, state-upon narrative of survival where humans, and not the animals themselves, are the ones famous.
Jeanne Kaplan(Kaplan vs. Kaplan): This conspectus but highly fascinating and informative pellicle enlightens us regarding the world of these fragmentary-looking but loveable creatures.
David Kaplan(Kaplan vs. Kaplan): Jeanne was singly taken with the fact that females dominate the males, making all the key decisions in their island exploration. She could but just contain her glee at our screening.
Sandie Angulo Chen(Common Sense Media): Nature docu explores fascinating cosmos & history of lemurs.
Jim Judy(Screen It!): I'd intimate you "move it, move it" to the theater and enchant this entertaining and enlightening film. (Full Content Review for Parents also Available)
Kristy Puchko( Lovingly captures lemurs in the ungoverned, while clearly displaying how humans gain become a part of this environment during the term of better or worse.
Dann Gire(Daily Herald (IL)): I'm meditation a better title for this traveller afoot doc might be Born to Be Mild.

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