Land Ho!

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Justin Chang(Variety): Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson accord. pitch-perfect performances in this gently mournful road comedy from helmers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz.
Eric D. Snider( Sublimely enjoyable, only never digs deep enough to bestow itself much weight.
Matt Donato(We Got This Covered): Land Ho! works wonders being of the cl~s who a pro-tourism ad for Iceland's brilliant landscape, but in terms of relation, feels forced and unnatural during raunchier moments.
Kirk Honeycutt( So tediously inactive as to make one wish you be able to break away from your movie companions to have recourse to your own adventures in these exactly beautiful northern climes
Harvey S. Karten(Compuserve): Delightful comedy end for end two elderly gents who renew their attachment during a trip to Iceland.
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat(Spirituality and Practice): A wonderful and quirky film about two entirely different seventy-somethings and their adventures during a trip to Iceland.
Chris Cabin(Slant Magazine): That the filmmakers consistently be communicated the nuances of character that make sheaves the two men to each other, more readily than simply tracing the pros and cons of their dispositions, is the kind of gives the film its melancholic up to the present time vibrant resonance.
Dan Schindel(Movie Mezzanine): Gorgeous photography of the Icelandic countryside makes this an even more effective tourism advertisement since the country than The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
Dan Fienberg(HitFix): It's a humorous and moving film about aging, boundary it's also a wacky travel across Iceland with two characters who are instantly likable and finally quite lovable.
Rodrigo Perez(The Playlist): While Land Ho! is affluent to admire and appreciate in its still observations and tender form, the movie's limitation is such that it travels distances, ~-end never quite gets to its destination in a room for passing that's ever truly moving or engrossing.

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