Men, Women & Children

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Joshua Rothkopf(Time Out New York): The ~ and foremost Reitman film to make the 36-year-former director seem about 400 years antiquated.
Justin Chang(Variety): A well-explanation but curiously anesthetized ensemble piece.
Todd McCarthy(Hollywood Reporter): A ardent, analytical portrait of the current impulsive power in electronic and interpersonal communications.
Lou Lumenick(New York Post): As he demonstrated with 'Juno' and 'Up in the Air,' Reitman has an uncanny knack among contemporary directors on account of tapping into the zeitgeist in dramatically satisfying ways.
Clayton Davis( For some, it may feel as if you're eye~ beaten into submission the entire time. At general condition of affairs, that would be completely accurate however, there's no denying that Reitman's cinematic gratifying to taste has been risen to an sinless height.
Chris Bumbray(JoBlo’s Movie Emporium): Flawed mete timely.
Bill Chambers(Film Freak Central): We've entered a splendid age of movies that use set forth-of-the-art technology to rail opposite to the use of state-of-the-tact technology.
Allan Hunter(The List): Never in a ~ degree than enjoyable but beneath the abusive swipe is quite a conservative pellicle intent on wagging fingers and instruction lessons.
Owen Gleiberman( Reitman is so a skillful filmmaker that he doesn't good score didactic points. He's made the in the beginning movie to capture the tone, the periodical emphasis, the flavour of our experience in the manner that it comes filtered through technology.
Sean O’Connell( With every part of due respect to the male actors, I walked in a puzzle of Jason Reitman's new Men, Women & Children in awe of the ladies… and its their stories that be infixed with me days later.
Gregory Ellwood(HitFix): The rational faculty why "Children" can subsist captivating at times, though, is its powerful ensemble. Elgort is the real standout in the present life.
Erik Davis( Men, Women & Children may not have ~ing as strong as Up in the Air, or as memorable as Juno, but it'll spasm a conversation and may even satisfy you to unplug for awhile.
Tim Grierson(Screen International): Reitman's ensemble play tends to be too self-consciously calamitous in its approach, overselling its notice with far too much handwringing.
Henry Barnes(Guardian): A flawed Jason Reitman pellicle. Its scope is too big, his ambitions in addition high.
Kevin Jagernauth(The Playlist): Jason Reitman's film becomes the very thing it initially mocks, a "Dateline"-esque ensemble fire-arm about the dark consequences of logging up~ the body, that tries and fails to project an message about human connectivity.
Sam Woolf(We Got This Covered): Men, Women & Children avoids some of the pitfalls of teen and tech focussed dramas, if it were not that is stretched thin by an overabundance of characters and concerns.

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