Swearnet: The Movie

Posted: 15 Sep 2014 08:00 under HQ

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Frank Scheck(Hollywood Reporter): This is a Canadian thin skin even Rob Ford would be embarrassed to watch.
Neil Genzlinger(New York Times): Apparently the Trailer Park Boys get been funny in the past, excepting you'd never know it from "Swearnet," some incoherent, desperate-feeling effort to part out.
Aaron Hillis(Village Voice): Canadian comedy hits strength bottom in this abhorrent meta-infomercial according to a Funny or Die-like reticulated boasting uncensored online content …
Linda Barnard(Toronto Star): Here's ~y indication of how bad the finished-of-character Trailer Park Boys' comedy Swearnet: The Movie is: the good in the highest degree thing about it is bottom-drawer Canadian ludicrous Tom Green.
John Semley(Globe and Mail): This is Canadian cinema at the same time that defiantly ugly and mean as anything churned gone ~ from the bowels of callous ol' Hollywood.
Ethan Alter(Film Journal International): It's unadulterated shock-jock sensationalism, with the creative forces in the rear the movie throwing crap at the wall to understand what sticks. That explains why the complete product is such a stinker.
Brian Gibson(Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)): As the tale devolves into disagreements, histrionics, and ensanguined punch-ups, the writing gets lazier and stupider–'You took a pressure in the face for me?' Ah, yet what a load of unfunny, True North s**t we be seized of to eyeball until this movie runs uncovered of steam.
Katherine Monk(Canada.com): There's dumb. There's dumber. There's dumbest. But Swearnet: The Movie left me dumbfounded.
Liz Braun(Jam! Movies): It happy gets sort of stupid. And the movie is in addition long. But these are minor quibbles.
Nathalie Atkinson(National Post): Swearnet is right a ragged, overlong sizzle reel.

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