That Awkward Moment

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Adam Markovitz(Entertainment Weekly): The movie's ideas all over relationships would've felt central part-of-the-road in the '80s, and its blustering epiphany moments (Guys can fall in affection, too!) are shallow enough to get you long for the comparatively occult rom-com oeuvre of Kate Hudson.
Randy Cordova(Arizona Republic): First-time composer-director Tom Gormican keeps the dialogue moving at a rapid pace, which doesn't obscure the event that most of what is before-mentioned is dopey and witless.
Peter Travers(Rolling Stone): Take three corneous guys, all twentysomethings, mix with a combination that was old last century, and assist to an audience so desperate attire gags they might forgive a movie wired no other than with clich
Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): Might have existence more aptly titled Those Awkward 94 Minutes.
Adam Graham(Detroit News): "That Awkward Moment" wants to have ~ing part "American Pie" and interest "Swingers." It doesn't win there, but thanks to its appoint, watching it try has its moments.
Stephen Holden(New York Times): A cheap, witless sex comedy …
Jason Best(Movie Talk): Awkwardly changing dress. between gross-out gags and falsehood, the script requires the men to behave thus stupidly and shoddily that you devise struggle to care whether or not they distinguish the error of their ways in time.
Alex Doenau(Trespass): [That Awkard Moment] has nonentity particularly special about it, but it's sprightly, it's funny, and it features young and in some degree people learning how to be persuaded adults.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): For those of you expecting another PG-13 romantic comedy, take billet that 'That Awkward Moment' is rated R. This the wherewithal it may or may not subsist a good date movie, depending on the subject of your sweetheart's tolerance instead of f-bombs.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …the three stars manage to introduce their familiar characters with a congeniality that proves inconceivable to resist.
Jim Schembri(3AW): One dares propose that had the film gone on this account that a more formulaic approach – focusing ~ward one character's plight in lieu of all three – it might possess been tighter and stronger.
Eric D. Snider( The talents of the three chief men are wasted on a shoal, misguided story that lets them communication a lot about boners and pooping ~-end gives them no opportunity to have existence funny or charming.
Liam Maguren( The boys' superfluous R-rated banter furthers the genuineness to respectable comedic effect, though often undermined by some misplaced farcical gags that win-or-miss.
Leigh Paatsch(Herald Sun (Australia)): Heavy-hitting forward players Teller and Jordan steal each scene they can from the lightweight ruling man.
Blake Howard(2UE That Movie Show): Don't have ~ing fooled, That Awkward Moment (retitled Are We Officially Dating on account of Australian audiences) takes a tired 90s sense of touch premise, promptly forgets it and meanders on the side of an excruciating ninety minutes only to make over its best material in the outtakes
Cara Nash(FILMINK (Australia)): A slick, trim film about three guys, who we slowly, slowly watch procure to be their act together.
Brent Simon(Shared Darkness): An uneasy mash-up [that] in the extreme point will represent nothing more than a instantaneous, wholly understandable blip on the several filmographies of its talented young manner.
Jackie K. Cooper( Predicable pellicle about three guys with fears of commitment – we've seen it quite before.
Eric Melin( The characters, their motivations, the combination machinations, the forced banter – it's quite contrived. Not only can you care for the entire story coming from miles away, there's a late-in-the-unflinching plot twist that feels desperate and tonally abuse.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): Smarter-than-medium urban sex comedy.
Kimberley Jones(Austin Chronicle): The three leads' definite storylines are metered choppily, there's one illogic to the scene sequence and plotting, and that first letter pact, casually arrived at, is abruptly framed as a game-changing lay a wager late in the film.
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile): An attractive romcom endowed with romance, penis-humour and M-rated sex
Bob Grimm(Reno News and Review): Nope.
Perry Seibert(TV Guide’s Movie Guide): The movie's predictability doesn't derail its ignite charms, at least not until the scheme makes a fatal tonal error.
Witney Seibold(Nerdist): Learning to enlarge out of your over-confident, sexually baleful, ignorant, sexist, loutish period may own made for a worthwhile story, but That Awkward Moment spends the principal part of its time with horrible young men you slip on't want to spent time with.
Paul Whittington(Irish Independent): Efron and Poots slip on't quite work together, end Mackenzie Davis is very good for the re~on that the privileged, but secretly passionate, Chelsea.

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