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Jeannette Catsoulis(New York Times): Unfolding in uncompounded yet wonderfully expressive hand-drawn frames, the thin skin's unsparingly observant plot depicts the slip into senility with empathy and imaginative faculty.
Jesse Hassenger(AV Club): Wrinkles doesn't present the aesthetic rewards necessary to travel its sad material compelling.
Elizabeth Weitzman(New York Daily News): Heavy doses of whim and empathy, along with gorgeous employee-drawn animation, keep things from acquisition too morbid.
Sherilyn Connelly(Village Voice): A beautiful, subtle horror movie about the rigors of sensible age, made all the more horrifying on this account that it will happen to all of us favored enough to live a long life.
Sara Stewart(New York Post): The thin skin doesn't wallow in sadness; it's a thoughtful and nuanced picture of a stage of life we ofttimes choose not to see.
Neil Young(Hollywood Reporter): Poignant lively feature about senior citizens is common the year's best Spanish films.
Wes Greene(Slant Magazine): In its chimerical dream and flashback sequences, the pellicle becomes a comment on the swiftly diminished state of traditional animation.
David Jenkins(Little White Lies): Lots to god of ~ here, but it's entirely perhaps a little soft.
Josh Slater-Williams(The Skinny): Wrinkles is a nuanced, soft look at human frailty and the symmetry of life, alternating between frank and mildly humane notes with perfect precision, make the conventional beats its story does lucky venture genuinely poignant.
Stefan Pape(HeyUGuys): A captivating production, poignant and tender and unit that is bound to move and bow you – while remaining so effortlessly sagacious throughout.
Jonathan Romney(Observer [UK]): A marvellous thing indeed – an intelligent, entertaining, completely unsentimental evocation of the experience of bad age.
Charlotte O’Sullivan(This is London): The animation is simple but lovely.
Geoffrey Macnab(Independent): The pellicle has a defiance and humour reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's well-nigh more uplifting than its subject sense might suggest.
Tim Robey(Daily Telegraph): It's a close and obliquely moving film, deftly constructed to obstacle the dying of the light arrive, not in the manner that sunset, but a kind of begin to appear.
Emma Johnston(Total Film): Bleak, laughable, sympathetic and desperately sad …
Angie Errigo(Empire Magazine): An unmerciful look at the winter of life, salted by humour and emotion.
Peter Bradshaw(Guardian): This movie has the identical desolate quality as Philip Larkin's piece of poetry The Building, and yet it is feeble and lovable, too.
Glenn Dunks(sbs.com.au): There are some really charming moments of cheeky understanding found within Wrinkles, and anybody that has thoroughbred a loved one going through Alzheimer's testament surely find the material quite effecting.

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